The Real Reason You Should Visit Israel

By on 12-20-2017 in Travel and Leisure, Women's Interests

OK, so there are many reasons why you should pop over for a visit to the Holy Land, especially at this time of the year (is that Santa’s sleigh I can spot in the sky?), but the real reason is right here:

The weather!

OK, nothing too spiritual or meaningful in that. But, for us Northern Hemispheres, especially for those of us from the cold climes of Northern Europe, the weather is a big issue. I mean, come on, where are you going to get December days sat on the beach, with the Mediterranean lapping at your feet? It’s December 4th and the forecast for the next few days is for even higher temperatures…! I’m not sure how Santa hacks it down this way, especially wrapped up in that big red coat… Trying to tell the locals that this is actually beautiful weather is also a no goer. The locals feel that, as its December, it must be time to pull out their winter coats and scarves. Regardless of the weather. Yes, it might be 24 degrees C out there, but no way are they going to give up on their thick woolly coats.

OK, OK, so this beautiful weather does have a down side. It’s called the months of July and August. These are the killer months, the months when the weather forecasters have a really strenuous task of telling us that “it will be hot tomorrow”. The months when they regale us with the cooking an egg on the car bonnet stories year after year. And the months when living in the center of the country is a pure nightmare. It’s impossible to live without air conditioning during these two summer months. It’s also impossible to live with a local during these 2 months, especially at night. Put the air conditioning on and you’ll be in trouble…! Especially with a female other half, who will be shivering under her duvet while you drip buckets in your birthday suit…

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that it’s worth the trip. Check out more reason to visit Israel and some of it’s iconic landmarks here.