Traveling Safe During a Pandemic

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Many countries have restrictions that people must follow when it comes to traveling during a pandemic. Although it may not be safe to travel during a pandemic like the one occasioned by the coronavirus, you can still travel safely. You just need to know how to ensure your safety when traveling.  Here are tips to guide you when traveling during a pandemic.

Research Your Travel Destination

Traveling to a place that is worst hit by a pandemic is an unwise move. That’s because the risk of being affected by the pandemic is very high. Therefore, start by researching your travel destination before you go. Find out more about the rate of infections at your travel destination. Also, find out if you will be quarantined for some days upon your arrival. It’s also crucial to find out what the government is doing to prevent the spread of the disease at your travel destination. For instance, do you need masks and how easily can you get them at your travel destination? Additionally, find out what would happen if you get sick when traveling. Can you find a reliable hospital? You may not want to think about this but it’s a possibility. Therefore, research your travel destination carefully and plan accordingly.

Keep Social Distance

Whether you’re traveling in a car or plane, maintain social distance at all times. A dramatic decline in travelers may have made practicing social distance easier. However, crowded, bustling public places might still characterize some airports. In that case, make maintaining a social distance your responsibility. Essentially, make sure that there is always a 6-foot social distance between you and other travelers. This will enable you to avoid highly infectious diseases. What’s more, sanitize and wash your hands more often. Use a sanitizer with at least 70{ef6d70b4825aa3bc8f00e58d0cb56a28910b987f4fdc8abbf38ee9a3d2f538be} alcohol. Most airports and other public places have water and soap that can be used to wash hands. You can also find supermarkets and malls that sanitize the hands of customers before they allow them to enter. Most importantly, use a face mask when traveling. Make sure that you wear face masks that have been recommended by health and government agencies. Most airlines have made wearing face masks mandatory. Therefore, get adequate face masks when traveling. There are also a lot of other important items you should think about packing with you while traveling.

Plan Your Trip Carefully

How will you maneuver upon getting at your travel destination? Will you use a car rental service or a taxi? It’s crucial to plan accordingly to avoid interactions that can make you get the virus. And, if you decide to use a car, know where to fuel it and how to get assistance. For instance, who can you call if you get a flat tire or run out of gas? It’s particularly important to know the best tow truck service in town. This will enable you to get the help you need without much interaction with people that may have the deadly virus. Additionally, it will enable you to get assistance as quickly as possible, thereby avoiding the risk of theft.

Traveling during a pandemic can be scary. However, you can still travel safely if you know what to do and how to do it. Follow these tips to travel safely during a pandemic.

Best Taxi Safety Tips While Traveling

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When you’re on a vacation and want to relax and enjoy the time, there are things that you can do to make your trip safe and fulfilling. Taxi traveling is one of the most important things that you will do in an unfamiliar city. There are also other ways to travel a new city like renting a car, but taxis are usually the top choice for newbies. The following advice has been offered to us today by a reputable taxi service. The taxi Brandon MB locals have been using for years advices some of the best and latest taxi safety tips while traveling:

Ask Ahead for the Price Range

Your host or the hotel staff can get you acquainted with the typical range of taxi prices. It is great to have a good idea about the pay and confirm the price before hiring a taxi. Even if you’re hiring the cab from hotel, ask freely about the price range and negotiate if you want too.

Avoid Taking a Taxi Alone When Drunk

If you have had too much to drink, it may seem like the right decision to get a cab and drive home. If you’re drunk, the ride in the car might put you to sleep and it is not the best state to protect yourself from any misconduct.

Look for a Meter, Radio, and Badge

All genuine taxi drivers will have their ID badge and license displayed in the vehicle. If you don’t see a badge, ask for one. Always check the interior door next to your seat and see if it opens easily.

Always Sit in the Backseat

Maintain as much distance between you and the driver as possible. In the backseat, you’re less visible to the driver and when traveling solo, sit in the middle to put to out-of-reach.

Keep Expensive Items Hidden

One takes valuables like phone, passport, and money along on their vacation. In a taxi, it is important to make these items less visible to the driver. Keep them safely in a bag and keep an eye on your items.

Keep a Tab on the GPS

If you have a phone with Internet, fill in the address and track the roads the taxi is taking to make sure that you’re not being deceived into a longer ride and more money. The last thing, never take a taxi with someone in the passenger seat. Always refuse to travel with anyone else, apart from the driver. Always know whom to call in case of an emergency and save the local law enforcement numbers.

For more tips on safe travel, visit

Arizona “Hot Spots” for Vacation

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Arizona is a year-round vacation destination, teeming with tourists at all of the state’s hot spots. Mild winters and hot summers are characteristic of Arizona and late fall to early spring yields balmy temperatures. The climate is one of many reasons people love to visit the Grand Canyon state. Read on to find out more about some of the hottest vacation spots in the state.
The Grand Canyon – One of the natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular, breathtaking, and massive canyons in the world. Its overwhelming size and brilliant landscape certainly make it a sight to behold. More than 5 million tourists visit the Grand Canyon each year to enjoy popular activities such as sightseeing, hiking, whitewater rafting, and horseback riding.
Scottsdale – An upscale tourist destination right outside of Phoenix, Scottsdale is known for its affluent culture, luxury shopping, five star restaurants, and numerous golf courses. It is also a center of art with a number of museums and art galleries located throughout the city. Scottsdale makes the ideal vacation destination if you are looking for a warm, relaxing getaway spot.
Flagstaff – Home to Northern Arizona University, this town has become an active cultural scene appealing to people of all ages. Music enthusiasts enjoy the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra, free concerts given at Heritage Square, and the numerous annual music festivals during the summer. There are also a number of other weekend festivals throughout the year including the Northern Arizona Book Festival, the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, and the Made in the Shade Beer Tasting Festival.
Greer – The small town of Greer is located nearly four hours outside of Phoenix but is a popular summer destination because it is generally cooler by 20 to 30 degrees than the hot deserts just to the south. It boosts a beautiful mountain setting and a handful of well-known luxury lodges and Arizona cabin rentals such as the Greer Lodge. Outdoor activities are very popular including fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and camping. Greer also has several different vacation rentals available throughout the area.
Lake Powell – One of the most popular boating destinations in the country, Lake Powell sits on the border of both Arizona and Utah. It has nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline, is 150 miles long and 400 feet deep at certain spots. Houseboats, jet skiing, swimming, and a myriad of other water activities are very popular.

Things to Carry When Travelling

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What do you carry along when you are going out on a vacation? Many women are confused about the things that are absolute essentials when they are travelling. The wrong decision can make the entire journey experience very frustrating.

So, what do you need to carry with you?

There are a few things that shouldn’t go unnoticed, and one should never forget to carry it along while travelling. Here’s a list of the five most important travel essentials to make your travelling experience memorable and enjoyable. What will you are doing?

  1. Toiletries: It’s important to carry your personal toiletries kit while travelling. This ensures that you don’t suffer because of a need for your favorite soap, bath oil, shampoo or any other essential toilet product. Many women are allergic and hypersensitive to a different brand other than the one that they use. For them, it’s all the more important to be cautious and alert. Make sure you take your medications and any medical devices you need.
  2. Designer handbag: How do you carry all your needed items? While a backpack may be needed, don’t forget a designer backpack or designer duffel bag. Yes, designer handbags can be great during travel also. Designer bags are available online and are a good investment. A good bag is a must for a woman while travelling. No matter if it’s a designer handbag or purse, various sizes are available. The right bag makes life easier for a woman. She can store all her necessary utility items and essentials in it while she’s on the go.
  3. Extra Lingerie and Bath towels: Many women don’t pay attention to carrying an extra set of lingerie and bath towels while travelling. It is important to be ready for the worst. It’s always recommended to take a few extra undergarments and towels to save the horror and nightmare when something goes unexpectedly wrong.
  4. Makeup, sunscreen and night creams: Makeup and a good sunscreen lotion are an absolute must to take care of your skin and body while travelling. Many women don’t take care of themselves while travelling. They miss and disturb their daily skin care routine and regimen. This proves harmful and spells disaster in the long run. Skin loses its nutrients and vitality on an everyday basis and needs replenishment and renewal.
  5. Communication device: It’s so important to stay in contact with your friends and family. You’re loved, and near and dear ones can get anxious if you don’t contact them regularly. Inform them about your location, activities and safety. It is essential to carry a device to communicate with your loved ones regularly.
  6. Camera: Last but not least, and maybe most important. You definitely don’t want to travel anywhere special without taking photos to remember the adventure. If you have a decent phone, it’s camera should do just fine. But if you’re phone doesn’t take quality pictures, you may want to think of investing into a good camera. Great photos during a trip will increase excitement and social interaction. There’s always an easy way to meet people through taking photographs. Also wherever you choose to go, there will most likely always be historic landmarks, different types of animals, great views and nature perfect for pictures. A good friend of mine is a photographer at Photo Booth Winnipeg. He travels a lot for both business and leisure taking photos as he goes. He gives great advice on what types of cameras are the best for travelling and how to take quality photos to remember you trip by.

There you have it ladies, some solid advice on travelling. Make sure not to forget any essentials and bring home some memories! Enjoy your trip.

The Real Reason You Should Visit Israel

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OK, so there are many reasons why you should pop over for a visit to the Holy Land, especially at this time of the year (is that Santa’s sleigh I can spot in the sky?), but the real reason is right here:

The weather!

OK, nothing too spiritual or meaningful in that. But, for us Northern Hemispheres, especially for those of us from the cold climes of Northern Europe, the weather is a big issue. I mean, come on, where are you going to get December days sat on the beach, with the Mediterranean lapping at your feet? It’s December 4th and the forecast for the next few days is for even higher temperatures…! I’m not sure how Santa hacks it down this way, especially wrapped up in that big red coat… Trying to tell the locals that this is actually beautiful weather is also a no goer. The locals feel that, as its December, it must be time to pull out their winter coats and scarves. Regardless of the weather. Yes, it might be 24 degrees C out there, but no way are they going to give up on their thick woolly coats.

OK, OK, so this beautiful weather does have a down side. It’s called the months of July and August. These are the killer months, the months when the weather forecasters have a really strenuous task of telling us that “it will be hot tomorrow”. The months when they regale us with the cooking an egg on the car bonnet stories year after year. And the months when living in the center of the country is a pure nightmare. It’s impossible to live without air conditioning during these two summer months. It’s also impossible to live with a local during these 2 months, especially at night. Put the air conditioning on and you’ll be in trouble…! Especially with a female other half, who will be shivering under her duvet while you drip buckets in your birthday suit…

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that it’s worth the trip. Check out more reason to visit Israel and some of it’s iconic landmarks here.

Safety Tips for Women Who Travel Alone

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When you usually go out of the country by yourself, you have to be careful. Women can be more likely targets of attacks. You need to know of the things that can save you from any form of danger. You should be wary of thieves. From the time you land at the airport, you have to secure all of your belongings. Never keep them out of your sight. You also have to make sure that you do not lose any of the things that you need. Sometimes, you don’t become a victim of theft, you weren’t just careful enough and you weren’t able to bring all your belongings with you. It is always better for you to have just a couple of bags with you. A huge bag can be easier to carry than several small bags. This bag also allows you to carry all your belongings at once. The chance of leaving behind your items is slim to none.

At some point when you are travelling, you might have to pass through a dark alleyway. It is important that you have a flashlight with you. Getting a phone that can double as a flashlight can help. You might also want to consider getting another light source to be sure. As much as possible, do not pass through these areas alone. But if you can’t avoid doing so, make sure that you take the extra precautions. Take notice of the behavior of the people around you. If you were just being observant, you might have noticed that the person behind you has already been following you for some time. These things can be important for you to know so that you won’t be caught off guard. Most of these thieves will be efficient at what they do. And so, taking extra caution will be advantageous for you.

If you don’t need to wear fancy jewelry or bring expensive gadgets with you, just leave them inside your hotel room. It might even be better if you don’t bring them for your trip at all. These things can make you more attractive to thieves and other negative elements. Make sure that you fit in as much as possible. You will have a higher chance of getting assaulted if you stand out from the crowd. Do not wear very revealing clothes. Keep your outfits decent. If you are comfortable with it, copy what most people wear when they are out in the streets at that part of the world. If you are already being attacked, you should consider not resisting. When your attacker is asking for your bag, just hand it over. Also, when you see an opportunity to escape, do so as fast as you can. You might be faced with more trouble if you choose to fight back your attacker. Most of the time, your attacker will be stronger and bigger than you.